Feature on “Pale Horizons” compilation

We are featured on the compilation “Pale Horizons” by Reptile Music which compiles 10 songs from artists which are connected with label in one way or the other. In our case that’s playing at several of Dennis’ parties around Cologne. Thanks for having us! Follow this link to listen on Bandcamp.

New album “5 Seconds“ out now!

Offically out since 9th December 2016, check it out and get the new album via Bandcamp or check Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc.


Second single “Dans un rêve” out now!

Here is the second single taken from our upcoming album:


First single “Poison” out now!

Check out “Poison”, the first single of our upcoming new album …


Album mastered and almost ready, release party in early December

We recently received the masters of our new album which sound very good. We have scheduled the official release party for the 7th of December in Cologne. More details on that soon.

New album coming in October 2016

Velochrome are back from the studio. We recently finished mixing the recordings for our second album. It will contain 9 tracks in total and will be released in October this year. The mixes will get a professional, external mastering treatment within the next weeks and then the production of the physical album formats and packaging will start. We are very excited. More details to follow soon. Keep in touch!

The diet’s over

For sure, it has been quite a while since the last time we sent out any signs of life into the digital domain. Some might even consider us as officially dead. However, our little universe is still spinning fast and fine.

We did what we had to do: staying productive in the original sense. We took a few months off, rehearsed a lot afterwards and silently reshaped ideas we had since the last album into eight fully matured songs which will form our new album.

And this weekend we’re going to record it – all by ourselves, live, together in one room. And we are so much looking forward to this. Rest assured: what we are about to give you will be worth the diet.

A hazy shade of winter

Winter 2014

Long time no see. And meanwhile it is winter here in Germany. We have chosen to use the cold season to give the last finishings to those new songs we wrote over the year, eight in total. And then we’ll hopefully record them very soon and have a few rough rehearsal recordings for your sneak peek pleasures up on our Soundcloud page within the next weeks, let’s see.


If you want to get a live impression of those new tunes have a look at our updated live dates as we’ll play two shows in Cologne before the end of year.

More live footage from this year’s summer

Thanks to the person who uploaded this nice little live video of “A Distant Star”, a song from our recent album. Enjoy:


A good time at the lake

Recently we returned to the Hennesee, a beautiful lake in the eastern area of North Rhine-Westphalia where the local bar Chillin does a yearly festival with various live acts. We played there last year already and enjoyed the beautiful area and vibe so much that we didn’t hestitate to confirm the invitation to play there again this summer.


We shared the stage once more with the English band UV PØP and this year’s headliner Psyche, two institutions when it comes to original new wave and synth-pop acts from back in the days. so taking our choice of more wave-inspired Velochrome originals for that evening’s setlist into account, you can fairly say that the whole evening was one big tour de force of gloomy 80’s sound.


Check out the video:



Exactly what the crowd was begging for after all, so no bad feelings here for pushing the obvious retro vibe of that event.

With the spontaneous and refreshing jump into the cold lake before the gig and some good conversation with the bands and promoters afterwards we’ll remember this as another great evening in that area of Germany.